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What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a process where water, fertilizer, seed and fiber mulch are mixed together and applied upon the ground. All in one, the ground is fertilized, mulched, and seeded. Since mulch fibers are able to retain up to nine times their weight in water, seeds are kept moist for speedy germination. The mulch fiber and tackifier glue helps prevent wind and water erosion, protects young seeds from the sun and helps regulate soil temperature, creating an almost perfect environment for maximum germination. As the seed matures, the mulch fiber will gradually decompose and add nourishment to the soil.

How long does germination take?

Anywhere from 4-30 days depending upon what type of seed was used and what the soil temperature is. When soil temperature is in the 70's germination usually occurs within 6 days of seeding.

Do I have to water?

Yes, hydroseed needs water to ensure germination. The retention of water by the mulch is much more effective than seed resting on bare soil. However, to obtain maximum germination the mulch and soil should remain moist the entire time until germination has occured.

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